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What is a Diamond sister?

Being a Diamond Sister and having a Diamond Sister to look up to is one of the most cherished privileges of being an Alpha Delta Pi woman. A Diamond Sister serves as a role model, a friend and a shoulder to lean on. As a new member, having a Diamond Sister helps you to learn the history and responsibilities of membership in Alpha Delta Pi. She is a resource but more importantly she is a role model. Diamond Sister relationships don’t end when a Sister gets initiated or when a Sister graduates, they last a lifetime.

They are pairings of sisters who can support each other through their Alpha Delta Pi experience and beyond.

"Being a big has been by far the best experience ADPI has given me. Erin reminds me every day of why I made the right choice in choosing Alpha Delta Pi and why this chapter is so amazing. she constantly reminds me the importance of showing up for each other and helps me be a better sister. Being a Legacy, I grew up seeing my older sister get her big then her little and how perfect and close those relationships were and still are today. I wanted nothing more than what she experienced. Being a big and turning around to Erin has allowed me to have that.

It has been nothing but rewarding being able to be beside her and watch her grow into the chapter and as a woman, take on a position, go through initiation and become an amazing sister. I am so beyond grateful to have a relationship like ours, one that's full of laughter craziness and so much fun! 

To Erin, I hope you know that as long as you have me, you can count on me in times of need and that I will always be there for you, no questions asked. No matter the best of times or the worst of times, I am there. I am there to be your rock, to protect you, to stand up for you, to hype you up, to comfort you and to guide you. I cherish all of our memories and can't wait to make more over the years. OBIC"

Aubrianna Lopez 

Fall 22' big and little:  Aubri and Erin


Fall 22' big and little:  Madi and Casey

"For all my life being the eldest child was but one of my many personality traits and it seemed as though that's all it would ever be. When I joined Alpha Delta Pi, and Big/Little pairings came around I knew I wanted someone I could count on, bring me out of my shell a little bit, and honestly look out for me as a big sister does. I wanted to be treated and seen the way I make my younger siblings and other younger relatives feel. 
Turning around and seeing Madi as my big gave me a rush of emotions from excitement to feeling so understood. From there our relationship has only thrived and I couldn't be happier. I'm forever grateful to Madi for everything she has done for me and I'm even more grateful to Alpha Delta Pi for bringing me this incredible woman into my life. She's everything and more a girl could ask for in a Big Dime.
I love you more than words Madi. You mean so much to me.

OBIC Forever. Xoxo, Little Casey”

Caseylynn Kei Silang

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