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Class of Fall '21

Community Service Specialist

"Alpha Delta Pi holds something near and dear to every woman's heart. Noted as being the "First and the Finest", founded in May of 1851, this sorority continues to uphold its beauty and grace within every individual it has touched. Symbolized by a diamond, Alpha Delta Pi places a large emphasis on the strength and value of friendships. The four points of the diamond represent service, scholarship, sisterhood, and sorority. As Community Service Specialist, I have been able to see each of these four points hold steady in the Chapter and grow within each sister. My love for Alpha Delta Pi has evolved and reached incredible heights over the few short months I've been here. Not only have I met my best friends for life, but I am able to connect with so many incredible women whom paths I wouldn't have crossed if it weren't for this Chapter. Within my time in ADPi, I have emotionally grown stronger. I am more independent and learning what it means to uphold service, scholarship, sisterhood, and sorority thanks to ADPi!"

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