It’s not just four years. It’s forever. In 1851 at Wesleyan Female College, Eugenia Tucker and her circle of friends established a tradition of excellence when they set out to unite college women in the bonds of sisterhood. This tradition of excellence lives on through our alumnae members, who through their involvement with collegiate chapters, alumnae associations, and the international organization, illustrate the principles upon which we were founded. Alpha Delta Pi is for a lifetime!


Congrats Sisters!

Alpha Delta Pi isn't just for four years, it's for life. We continue to support our sisters, even after college. It's amazing to see the accomplishments and successes of our alumnae sisters, and how ADPi prepared them for their future.


Raiderettes 2020!

From cheering for UNLV's Pom team, to the Vegas Golden Knights, and now for the Raiders, our alumna sister, Monet, never fails to make us proud. We can't wait to watch you kill it out there on the field! Your Epsilon Rho sisters will be cheering YOU on. 
Monet Frelix - AC '14


Gonzaga University School of Law!

“Opening up my first acceptance letter was such a great feeling! After so many hours of hard work, studying, blood, sweat, and tears, something finally paid off. I’m very excited to be attending Gonzaga University on scholarship this coming Fall in my pursuit to become an attorney. Living for each other is a motto that runs so much deeper than Alpha Delta Pi and this sorority has taught me that. In my future career, I will get to live that out everyday by helping those who need it. I’m so excited to see what the future holds!"
Cassidy Pappas - AC '15